Brancaster Staithe Sea side walk

After lunch, we went to Brancaster Staithe sea shore. There is car park near the sea-shore with hourly parking facility. Like London Underground system, there is cheap off-peak rate after 4 o clock in the afternoon.
I had always seen British tourist flocking in Goa, India. They sit on sea-shore tanning themselves while reading books. And I use to wonder why they don’t go have bath or swim in sea. Well after our visit to the British sea-shore, I did stopped wondering. The water temperature is too cold to have bath. We could see many children playing in the sand, building castles with the shovels and other tools.

Lots of shells were washed away on the shore. I had fun picking up set of identical shells and creating a design out of it on the sand.

There was one person who was flying a Huge Kite. Abhi tried his level best to fly the huge kite with him and was successful up to some extent.Unfortunately our Cannon 3.2 mega pixels camera started malfunctioning and we were not able to capture that Kodak Moment.

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