Tuscany Wine tasting tour

Tuscany Wine tasting tour:

I was keen in watching the Tuscan wine yards and country side. So I had booked Wine tasting tour using the site citydiscovery.com. This one was the cheapest one available. The original tour operators are CAF Tours and Travels and you can book directly with them at this site CAF Tours. It costs you around 40 Euros per person. This does not include wine yard trip as stated in citydiscovery.com site. A guide picks you at 2 o clk in afternoon from Piazza Stazione, at the corner with Piazza dell'Unità and drops you back at the same point in the evening. It’s the time to relax in the air-conditioned bus and enjoy the picturesque Tuscan country side and Italian Villas.On your way one can see lot of Wine yards and Olive oil plantations. There is half an hour halt to a church. There is small cave where young lady used to live. Not to mention a restaurant with toilet facilities. The bus then takes you castle which belonged to the Medici Family. A new guide took over from there. She briefed us about the history of the castle and the owners. She then took us around the private rooms of the castle and the Wine cellar in the basement. She explained the process of wine making and the variety of wines grown in that area. At the end of it, there was wine tasting session. We were given 3 different types of wines grown in the near by wine yards. The wine was accompanied with some snacks. The tour operators allow you another half an hour to buy Wine and Olive oil from near by shop. Those who are not interested in buying stuff can enjoy the country side and take some snaps in the mean time. The bus heads to Florence city centre and drops you at the Piazza dell'Unità.

This was end of day two in Florence. We reached hotel and had dinner. It was time to prepare our self to leave for Venice next morning.