The Duomo in Florence is the third largest cathedral in the world. Also known as The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The entrance to the Duomo is free. There is queue in front of the Duomo for entrance. On your way to Dumo spot tourist information centre and grab walking day tour map. You can spend another half an hour inside the Duomo admiring its beauty. The dome of the Duomo is painted by artist Zuccari. For more information on the Duomo please refer the site. Florence Duomo From the exit you can come out and enjoy the Façade, the grand entrance of the Duomo. Bank opposite the Façade is the Main portal – three huge bronze doors adorned with scenes from life of Modonna. On the right of the Dumos entrance is the Ghitto’s Bell Tower. This completes the visit to the Duomo. It’s almost noon and we head towards Uffizi.
Recommended: On the left side of the Duomo is the entrance for the stairs which lead to the dome of the Duomo. It gives you spectacular view of Florence. We skipped that but its worth watching Florence from the top of the Duomo.

Entrance of the Duomo:

Video Clip inside the Duomo

Afternoon Lunch:

On our way to Uffizi, it was bit difficult but not impossible to find a cheap eat out. There are some cheap eat outs near the exit of the Uffizi. Or you have to search one in the near by small lanes. Ideal it should cost you around 4 to 5 Euros person in such eat outs. It was difficult to find water fountains in the area and we had to buy mineral water bottles. Therefore it’s advisable to fill up all the water bottles at the hotel early in morning.