York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum is ride through England or precisely world’s technical civilization period.
Entrance to the Museum is free with York Pass. The museum is located next to the Clifford Tower.

Here you will get to see how some of the today’s high tech gadgets are evolved. It tells you the story behind today’s washing machine, vacuum cleaner, kitchen stove, sewing machine, radios, Television, telephone, baby buggies, etc.

The next section covers the shops candle shop, barber, goldsmith, coppersmith, cobbler, tailor, etc which were available in the market in the olden days.

There is section which illustrates how the medium transport under went change from Horse pulled carts to todays cars.
For person from Asia Pacific region, it is an enthralling experience, because you actually get to see how these products have been involved.
It is must item in your list.
For more details visit the Museum site.