We reached Zurich at 5:30 pm. As usual we had booked room in Youth Hostel.
At the station, we figured out the next day’s plan and time table for train to Zurich Airport.
Then we took tram and reached the Hostel.

Zurich Bag packer Hostel:

There was only one hostel located in City centre of Zurich so we decided to opt for that.

I would recommend not staying in any hostel in metropolitan city. It’s difficult to get cheap, clean and safe place in heart of metropolitan city. It’s worth spending some more money and staying in a good hotel in outskirts of the city.

Zurich sight seeing:

We walked along streets of Zurich. We visited a church, wall and strolled along banks of the river. There was river cruise available, but we did not opted for it as we already had enjoyed two long cruises in Luzern and Interlaken.

Shopping in Zurich:

We bought some wine chocolates from local super market COOP.
On the Kaufman Street, I bought two perfumes bottles.
Last but not the least, we did a lot of window shopping on the Kaufmans Street.

Train to Zurich Airport:

We took a train at evening at Zurich airport. The journey to airport is about 15 minutes to half an hour. After check in we relaxed at the airport and then ultimately caught flight to London Heathrow.
For those who have visited many European cities, I would recommend to skip Zurich and make a short and sweet trip.

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