List of things required for camping

The following is list of things which you might carry for camping
  • Tent – you can buy a tent from any of the super markets or shops in UK during summer.
    sleeping bags
  • Camping gas – I bought camping gas from Argos of Campigaz brand. It was for 23 GBP but you can get the same for much cheaper rate from camping shops.
  • Barbeque – There is loads of variety if you are planning to have barbeque. You can buy barbeque stove or if you are not sure you can buy disposable barbeque.
  • Utensils – pan, pot, spoons, knife, plates, bowls. Note: Some camping sites provide kitchen facilities.
  • Dish washer soap
  • Cool cage – Ice cage to carry cold drinks or perishable food stuff
  • Toiletries-tooth brush, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, creams etc.
  • Torch, candles, match box
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Slipper, shoes
  • Warm clothes – remember it becomes chilly at night

Food Stuff which you might carry with you while camping:

  • Instant noodles,
  • soup
  • bread, cheese (tube), tomato, onions, cucumber for sandwiches
  • sausages, tomato, onion, peppers, mushroom, potato for barbeque
  • Water –It’s advisable to carry water for drinking and cooking. You can buy it at camp site but it will be a costly affair.
  • Any other item which is non perishable

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