After marraige we moved to UK. which was completely new place for both of us.
There were hardly any Indians in Notttingham UK where we were based.
Initially it was to boring. I went to WHSmith and got myself colors and brushes.
Started painting some cartoon sketches and floral designs.
Did some needle work. As a consultant, I started weekend commuting.
Not just the place but there were many things which were new to me including marraige and lifestyle. It was drastic change in life. I used to miss all old things and people. I started remembering them more and more. I used to talk to my dear ones in my dreams.
In free time i used to start talking about those old days and get lost in them and it used to be very boring for Abhi. While travelling in Italy, I realised that the Romans had documeted their history well. Not just that the Pope started the Vactican museum to preserve the old and ancient stuff. This made me think of blogging my experiences about travelling around the world. This idea has two advantages. One it might help some one who needs to plan his trip and second I need not bore Abhi.